Terms and Conditions

All members must agree to the terms and conditions of ClarksonTraders.com before you continue to register.

ClarksonTraders has the right to reject, decline or suspend an account for reasons that will be mentioned on this page. Upon registration, you confirm that you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions. You also agree to receive email notifications and update emails from our website. We will never send you SPAM or unsolicited e-mails from our system. It is suggested that you whitelist our emails from our domain name "Clarksontraders.com" to properly receive account update emails and notifications.

All users must complete the registration form with correct and valid information and contact details for communication purposes between you and our company. Failure to complete the form with valid documents, will lead to you not being able to prove ownership of account when needed.

Users are required to enter a unique password for their account security, one that was never used in any other website before for full protection. You must also ensure that you do not use the same passwords for your e-mail account registered with us and your account with us. Aside from this, users are advised to enable the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) system on their account which should provide a unique and randomly generated code that is needed for every action you do on our website, including, logging in, updating your account and submitting withdrawals.

Registered members must know that the deposits on our website are instantly activated for our fiat payment systems PerfectMoney and Payeer. Cryptocurrencie deposits like those from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Dash and DogeCoin, require 3 confirmations from the blockchain of each cryptocurrency before they get activated. From time to time we may encounter delays or non-instant deposits, so if your deposit has already reached 6 confirmations and it was not activated or added on your account yet, please contact our team for correction and assistance.

You must also know that transfers from Smart Contract Addresses for ETH deposits will not get activated instantly. You will need to contact us immediately if you submitted from a smart contract wallet. A smart contract wallet is one that sends a transfer via the internal system. You should know it when you check the transaction on Etherscan.io and it shows "INTERNAL TRANSFER" in the transaction details.

Withdrawals take up to 24 hours to process within our system. Please do not complain or ask about your withdrawal if only 12 hours have passed. We try to process all withdrawals as fast as humanly possible but we might take a while sometimes when processing cryptocurrency withdrawals for consolidation purposes to process by batch or a series of withdrawals of the same kind of cryptocurrency.

Registered and active investors must accept the fact that cryptocurrency transfers may also take a while before they get reflected or added to your respective wallets since each wallet provider requires a different number of confirmations before such transfers are shown in the wallets. Please also ensure that you meet the minimum acceptable incoming transfer for your wallet before requesting withdrawals.

You are required to enter the correct payment account or wallet information in your profile. You can do this when registering or when already registered by editing your profile. Our system will not let you request a withdrawal with a blank or empty withdrawal account information on your account. Once a wallet information or account information has been filled or entered in your profile, you cannot edit this unless you contact us and after proving that you own the account, then we can proceed in modifying your account information.

We have 3 investment plans. The first plan pays 7% daily for 20 business days. This means that the earnings are only from Mondays through Fridays and no earnings credited on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), which will run for a total of 28 calendar days duration and net profit of 40%. Our second plan is the 1% daily for 15 calendar days with principal returned on expiration or maturity. This should yield you a net profit of 15%. The last and third plan is the 160% after 30 calendar days. This is a one time earning payment on the maturity of the deposit or on the end of the 30th day which will net you a profit of 60%. Minimum deposits per plan is just $10 in all payment types.

We offer a 3 level referral program for our registered members. You do not need to have an active deposit in order to earn referral commissions from our website. All you need to do is register an account and you can start using your referral link to earn commissions.

The first level referrals or direct referrals will earn you 4% commissions. The 2nd level or those referred by your first or direct referrals will earn you 2% and the third level or those referred by your 2nd level referrals will earn you 1%. Our referral program is very lucrative for the marketers in you. You may start immediately in referring investors to us as soon as you finished registering.

We allow deposits from account balance and this will credit your referrer the commission. You can do this using the same process as depositing a new fresh investment, just select the "account balance" menu from the drop down menu in the deposit page when selecting the payment type.

Our withdrawal minimum for perfectmoney and payeer is $0.50 and for Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Dash, Litecoin and Dogecoin, the minimum withdrawal is $1.50. Please try to consolidate or combine your withdrawals per day in order to save you fees in receiving. You may also verify whether your balance is in one payment type or not. Your account balance total does not mean that you can withdrawal it all if it is not in one payment type. You can see this detailed information in your withdrawal page. You will need to submit requests for withdrawals per payment type as long as the minimum is met.

Please do not cheat our referral program by referring yourself or creating multiple accounts and making deposits per account in order to maximize referral commissions for your account. We expect you to comply with this simple and basic decency rule. Respect our program and we will respect your accounts. Failure to follow this simple rule will result in suspension of your account together with the funds within the related accounts.

We use multiple advanced methods to identify cheaters in our system, so please do not try to cheat or abuse our program. We will strictly enforce without questions and we will not listen to explanations when cheating is obvious and rampant and very abusive. We know that our program has attractive referral programs and we simply request that you do not take advantage of it.

We respect our registered members / investors privacy and we will never share your information to third party advertising companies or any other third party companies who may use your contact information for unsolicited advertisements and marketing campaigns. We will only use your contact information or your e-mail address when contacting you with account related queries or our automatic notifications relating to your account.

Please do not share your password to anyone as this may lead to your account being hacked. Your account is your responsibility. We have security measures on our website which will help you secure your account, however, you are expected to ensure your own security by never sharing your password and never using an eaasy to guess password. As stated in the first few paragraphs of this page, please activate 2FA on your account.

Always read the news section for up to date information about our program and keep yourself updated with what's happening and any news you may need to know.

This page has been updated on May 3, 2020. If this page is to be updated, expect an email dispatched to all registered investors for notification.